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Tri Maze - TM 4013

     The TRI-MAZE is a complete processing package specifically designed to meet the needs of diversified programing requirements by providing the broadcaster with a powerful tool that makes precise control of loudness, coloration, and density as effortless as adjusting bass and treble on your home stereo.

     The TRI-MAZE is designed to interface directly to the multiplex input on all stereo generators as opposed to correcting symptomatic problems associated with other processors by operating in a pre-process capacity.

     The front end of the TRI-MAZE is a broadband AGC amplifier of exceptional transparency capable of high levels of gain reduction (up to 35dB) with very low distortion and dynamic destruction. This is the result of the same integrated release time concept used in both the MIC-MAZE and the A-MAZE. Like these processors the TRI-MAZE pre-process section will also process a 10KHz square wave burst intact.

     The input section utilizes Triggered Absolute Level Expansion (T.A.L.E.) which automatically determines the mode of expansion for both voice and music.

     The Triband section consists of three precision AGC amplifiers which operate within a 20dB gain reduction range, with a maximum capability of 35dB. Compression ratio, slope, and output mix, may be individually adjusted with extreme precision and simplicity. The output mix is monitored by precision peak indicators which take away all the guess work and allow for set up adjustments with active program material.

     The release time circuitry for each band of processing is integrated and specifically time domain contoured to treat energy intervals associated with spectral density within the three bands of processing. No other processor on the market today uses this concept nor is capable of achieving the natural warmth and ambiance inherent with this unique technique.

     The TRI-MAZE output section is multimode allowing for use in any application.

     An output is provided ahead of low pass filtering and clipping to allow for implementation as a multiband AGC.

     A second output is provided which follows an eight pole low pass filter section and the "ZERO HYSTERISIS CLIPPER" for precise peak control.

     Pre-emphasis, and low pass filter bypass are provided via internal dip switches.

The TRI-MAZE is intended for both FM and AM, meeting all NRSC AM requirements.


  • NRSC, meets all requirements
  • 60dB control range
  • Time domain contoured, integrated release
  • Triggered absolute level expansion automatically determines mode of expansion for voice and music
  • Multiple outputs
  • Easy access compression and mix controls
  • Mix down peak metering permits precise yet simple setup
  • DIP switch selectable pre- and de-emphasis, 75 or 150 US, shelving or infinite
  • Zero hysteresis post filter clipping provides up to 2dB loudness without center channel distortion products

   Tri-Maze Specs